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Electronic cigarettes with flavor sage that makes you feel full of life and joy. Math your style with premium and exquisite collection of electronic cigarettes with the vape and smoke that sets you apart from the rest. Try our ecigs and you will realize why you hadn’t tried it sooner. It’s a taste so rich and flavorful you’ll tempted to keep puffing on..




Take a pick from 7 flavors and experience the richest flavor, which you would like to puff  and get the best E Cigarette of your choice.

Vibrant Mocha Blend
The taste of freshly roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate.
Chocolate Blend
Offers the taste of rich, dark chocolate. A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Variety Pack
5 of our top flavors, Red Label and Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams.
Menthol Blend
Its smooth, pleasant freshness offers an exhilarating and highly enjoyable smoking experience.
Vanilla Blend
A highly complex and enjoyable sweet, creamy flavor. The result is a gourmet vapor combined with superior flavor.







Sweet Tobacco Blend
A rich blend of Burley, Oriental and Virginia tobacco. A rich, sweet cigar taste. Indulge yourself.
Classic Tobacco Blend
Offers the taste of pure, natural tobacco, and the smooth flavor of the best American blends.
Tobacco Blend
A robust, bold Virginia tobacco taste, offers a unique, enjoyable woody flavor.
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Each of Green Smoke’s industry leading E cigarette kits contains everything you need to start enjoying the rich flavor of Green Smoke® e-cigs. Choose your kit now. Other Kits

Express Kit
$89.99 $109.00
pro kit
Pro Kit
$129.99 $193.96
Ultimate Kit
Ultimate Kit
$159.99 $239.91








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